Ministries and Outreach / Ministerios y Exceden

Ministry for Family and Friends of Gay and Lesbian Catholics – Ministerio de la familia y amigos de gays y lesbianos católicos

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Descargar – Español

Resources For The Ministry to Family and Friends of Gay and Lesbian Catholics

Click here to download – English


It is time to register for RE
Es tiempo de Registarse para la Doctina

Click here – Haga clic aquí

Big Bear AA Schedule
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For More Info: 909-866-2765
For Schedule Changes: 909-260-0161


Saint Joseph Church Vigil Candles

Saint Joseph’s now has an electric candle stand* with 37 vigil candles found next to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The top row of ten blue vigil candles may each be reserved with a $20.00 donation. The candle will remain illuminated for one month. A Small plaque with the name of your loved one or a special intention will be mounted before each candle. Plaques will remain on display for that month and may be rededicated if the candle is once again available.

If you wish to reserve a vigil candle, please fill out the form(CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM) and return it to the parish office.

The remaining 27 red vigil candles may be illuminated and will burn for 6 hours. We ask for a donation for each candle you illuminate.

Please show reverence for this vigil candle tradition.


* Fire Codes do not allow the burning of traditional candles.


You can save someone’s life today!

  • There are alternatives to abortion
  • There is forgiveness after abortion

If you or a loved one is pregnant and considering abortion, or have had an abortion and wish to seek counseling, please CLICK HERE for more information, or visit


Specialization in Liturgical Ministries from the Office of Worship for PMFP

Click here for more information

Check out the new webistes!

Office of Worship

Liturgical Commission

Office of Restorative Justices

Offices of Catechetical Ministries

Office of Marriage Initiative


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